Revitalize Your Ride: YOSEPOWER's New Year Extravaganza!

The new year has arrived, and perhaps it's time to introduce some fresh elements into your life. As we step into 2024, why not consider adopting a completely new mode of transportation to make your life greener, more environmentally friendly, and healthier? Electric bikes have become highly sought-after as a green commuting solution. Opting for a personalized electric bike kit can elevate your cycling experience to new heights!

 To welcome the arrival of the new year and show appreciation to YOSEPOWER's loyal customers, we are offering discounts on the majority of our products. Now is the perfect time to acquire a brand-new electric bike kit and battery. Missing this opportunity may make it challenging to find the same products at such favorable prices later. Especially noteworthy are YOSEPOWER's most popular and highly recommended products:

Kit Series

  • The Best-selling Product of 2023

36V350W 26"/27.5"/28" Rear E-Bike Conversion Kit for Cassette with 36V13Ah HL1 Battery

This kit has achieved tremendous success in the market, primarily attributed to its powerful drive system, user-friendly installation process, and exceptional product quality. The high-performance 36V350W drive system provides robust support for cycling, allowing users to effortlessly navigate various terrains and complex roads. The kit's easy installation design has garnered unanimous praise from users, even for non-professionals who can swiftly convert a regular bicycle into an electric one. The 36V13Ah HL1 battery ensures a reliable power source for the entire system, guaranteeing long-lasting and stable rides.

This electric bike conversion kit has earned widespread acclaim in the market, not only for its outstanding performance but also for its superior quality and user-friendly design. Customer testimonials serve as the most direct reflection of product quality. The following reviews represent just a fraction of the positive feedback. Therefore, choosing this kit will undoubtedly be your most informed decision.

  • Max Discount Battery-Included Kit

36V250W 26"/28" Front E-Bike Conversion Kit + 36V15.6Ah HL Plus Battery

This electric bike conversion kit has showcased impressive performance during the discount event, directly implementing a noteworthy 12% discount. For customers who prioritize healthy commuting and seek enhanced speed without overly emphasizing powerful dynamics, this kit emerges as the most appealing choice. Its well-designed front-drive electric bike conversion kit is suitable for both 26-inch and 28-inch bicycles. Compared to rear-mounted motors, the installation of the front motor is notably more straightforward, making it an entry-level option even for non-professional riders. The introduction of this discounted kit not only provides customers with a budget-friendly shopping option but also underscores the product's exceptional cost-effectiveness, positioning it as one of the most outstanding electric bike conversion kits in the current market.

  • Top Choice for Freewheel Users

36V350W 26"/27.5"/28" Rear E-Bike Conversion Kit for Freewheel with 36V13Ah HL1 Battery

If the two previous kits didn't meet your bicycle conversion needs, this kit stands out as the ideal option for Freewheel users. Beyond the kit's exceptional quality, YOSEPOWER offers complimentary door-to-door delivery, ensuring your product arrives swiftly and securely. Additionally, YOSEPOWER's impressive shipping speed contributes to a highly convenient shopping experience. Furthermore, the professional service team is readily available to patiently address any queries you may have before and after the purchase, providing thoughtful support throughout the entire shopping process. This not only establishes the kit's reputation for product quality but also ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in both the shopping experience and after-sales service.

Battery Series

  • Best-selling Electric Bike Battery

36V15.6Ah/36V17.4Ah/48V13Ah HL1-2 Hailong Down Tube Lithium-ion E-bike Battery

Equipping your electric bike with a spare battery is a wise choice, and the Hailong series of batteries has consistently been a favorite among YOSEPOWER customers due to its outstanding performance. YOSEPOWER, as a specialist in electric bike battery production with a rich 12-year history, has established a reputation for reliable product quality. This battery series not only provides dependable power support for electric bikes but also excels in terms of lifespan and performance. What's even more enticing is the current 9% discount on this battery series, making it an economically advantageous purchase. For users seeking high performance, reliability, and affordability, this electric bike battery is undoubtedly an ideal choice that shouldn't be missed.

In addition, YOSEPOWER offers a variety of other battery types, and there is currently available stock for purchase. All these batteries come with attractive discounts, making this the opportune moment for your purchase, regardless of the specific battery model you require. Our inventory encompasses various specifications and capacities to meet the diverse needs of our users. Please be aware that the images above showcase only a partial selection, and for more detailed information on models and discounts, kindly visit our website. This prime shopping period allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of our product line, helping you identify the battery model that best suits your needs. We appreciate your attention and look forward to delivering an exceptional shopping experience for electric bike batteries.