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for Installation:

for Replacement:

1.How to replace the battery BMS:

2.How to replace the battery USB:

3.How to replace the battery discharge port:

4.How to replace the battery charge port:

5.How to replace the battery switch:

6.How to replace the step-down board of the battery:

7.How to replace the battery fuse:

8.How to replace the kit’s sensor:

9.How to replace the motor rotor: Motor_Rotor_Replacement_Manual


Yose Power battery User Manual.pdf

Rear motor for cassette installation manual.pdf

Rear motor for freewheel installation manual.pdf

Front motor with front light installation manual.pdf

KD21C Display manual in complete front motor kit.pdf

C500 display manual.pdf

Hydraulic Sensor installation manual.pdf

KT-V12L pas sensor use manual.pdf

LCD3 display use manual.pdf